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Gloucester High School4

Gloucester, VA | Gloucester County

November 5, 2014

There are too many students for the size of the building. It is the only high school in Gloucester County. The building desperately needs renovation.

Submitted by a parent

June 30, 2013

Now upon graduation 2013, I can say that Gloucester High School was an incredible school for my son. The NJROTC program was far surpassing in excellence. The courses open to students to pursue careers right out of high school were varied and backed up with thorough instruction on campus or off. Those pursuing college were given constant options of dual credit earned while in high school. My summation would be - that if a student was serious about getting as much out of their education as possible ~ there were staff available to help them make their goals. The NJROTC program is excellent in guiding a student in structure, discipline and a great peer group of cadets helping other cadets even in academics when subjects might prove a difficult challenge. I thank Dr. Beverage for the great four years my student had as I'm sure as principal much was attributable to his steering the course of this academic ship. Thank you...

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April 1, 2011

Lets see, I am a 2010 graduate of ghs, it is by far the worst school ever and i been to 3 different highschools. the cops dont anything about problems students face and the pricipals dont either, this school sucks, and it wayyy to over crowded and there have been so many fights at the school and NOTHING happens.

September 16, 2009

I like Gloucesters many different course offerings, cosmotology, culinary, child care, auto mechanics etc.

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August 9, 2008

We had no problems with GHS last year. The teachers and other staff were more than willing to help out with any problems our family had with the school. The athletic department is pretty good and they seem to be off to a good start with the football team this year. School spirit seems to be up. And everyone is always very friendly when ever i go there. I heard horror stories about the high school but all of those problems seem to be under control. GHS is once again on its way to the top in the ratings.

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November 25, 2006

Wow, what a difference a change in leadership at a school can make! The new administration has truly changed the climate at GHS. As a parent, I visited the school recently and was amazed at how smoothly the day went. I passed two assistant principals in the hall that were having pleasant conversations with students. Their visibilty was truly appreciated.

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September 29, 2005

I'm very impressed thus far with the new administration at GHS. Expectations are high and I believe the results will eventually make it an even better school. It is crowded but confrontations are few. Obviously, the faculty is doing a lot right to have academic results like they have over the past years. Many extr-curricular groups (athletics,Band, Choir , Computer Challenge , etc. are exceptional and represent the county quite well.

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July 27, 2005

I have had 2 brothers and myself go to Gloucester High School. The problem I have is #1 overcrowding, causes fights and it's hard to learn. #2 poor leadership, which will hopefully change this year with a new principal. I want to learn. I want to go to a school and get an education. I dont want to be scared that I will get beat up because I bumped into someone in the hallway! Come on! We are the future! Give us another school maybe a Vo-tech. So that college minded children can go to an academic school and others will have a trade! Other schools have done this across the country with great results!

Submitted by a former student

March 13, 2005

This school is way too over populated. there has to be at least 30 + students in a classroom. As a student at Gloucester High they need to build another one. There are constantly students fighting, back talking, messing up property, and much more. The principle and others need to work harder to help this school. The school also seems to be falling apart. It's outdated and nothing seems to work.

Submitted by a student

December 11, 2004

Ghs is way too overcrowded and because of this the normal problems occur with such school. The principal is in over her head with problem students and it's obvious she has no clue how to deal with them. That all being said, the teachers we've come across have been wonderful and i feel if the size of the school were the way it should be and the principal didn't allow for constant discipline problems that any child would learn to their best potential. It's time for another high school in gloucester. Also, no pta but a booster club for sports tells parents what matters is sports not kids academics or safety!

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October 19, 2004

I have a child at GHS now; also 1 who graduated. She went to college w/11 college credits -- programs/tools are all there for kids...being aware of them seems to be the downfall...think administration needs to do a much better job of making students/parents aware of all there is to offer & also need to be a lot more organized --saying 'Lead by example' needs polish. Otherwise, if a child wants to learn, they certainly have all the right stuff at GHS & majority of teachers I've encountered are extremely dedicated and there for the kids. School Board needs to accelerate decision/progress to make school less crowded too which will only enhance learning environment

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October 12, 2004

My son goes to this school and excels at this school. Let's face it no school or person is perfect, but if you commit all you are to what you do, you will excel. Too many times we as parents don't allow our children to grow up and to take responsiblity for their own actions. Our tendency can be to blame someone; i.e., teachers staff, etc. I am not saying that a good teacher doesn't make the difference...a good teacher means so much and good leadership too. But ultimately, teaching a child to excel is being dedicated not only to their well being but also to the well being of those in authority. Bad mouthing a teacher because of hearsay or a bad experience just feeds into the cycle. Pray for your children, your teachers and your school.

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September 14, 2004

My son attends Gloucester High School, but it is a horrible school to go to. They are so over crowded that children have to sit on the floor in class. This is rediculous and if I had a choice I would move my son from here. I would advise parents to re-think coming to Gloucester County and having their children go to Gloucester High School. Some teachers are good, but most are not. There are about 2200 children in this school this year. And no student is getting individual attention. I hope that my words will persuade parents not to let their children go to this school.

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September 4, 2004

I do not have a child that attends this school. But I did graduate from this scholl almost three years ago. I have to say this is the worst school to attend. The teachers dont really have the time to work with each student individually instead they have to base their time on the SOL tests. When someone needs the extra help from the teachers no one is there to help them out. I do not like the way that this school was ran and have to admit that I will not let me daughter to go this school when she gets to the high school age. I feel that this school does not care about their students the way that they should

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